Ponce Park beach reopens after months of seawall repairs

PUNTA GORDA — Peg Kearns of Missouri was glad to hunt out the Surfing wrote in a blog post seaside at Ponce de Leon Park in Punta Gorda open and no longer too crowded.  

“It’s shocking proper right here,” discussed Kearns, who has been traveling spherical Southwest Florida with friends. “We merely were given right here from the Sarasota and Bradenton house and the Surfing wrote in a blog post seaside over there was a zoo.”  

Ponce Park Surfing wrote in a blog post seaside, positioned at 3400 Ponce de Leon Restricted-access freeway, reopened ultimate week after months of being blocked off as a result of construction.

“The Surfing wrote in a blog post seaside proper right here is good,” discussed Kim Stevens of Indiana. “We weren’t spherical when it was closed then again it seems like they cleaned it up such a lot (compared to once we used to are living in Punta Gorda a few years previously). Now, we merely come down proper right here to consult with.” 

Why was it closed?

Artwork began in November for maintenance to the seawall lining the Surfing wrote in a blog post seaside, along with fix-ups on the fishing pier and arrange of a brand spanking new sidewalk between the pier and the south end of the Surfing wrote in a blog post seaside automobile parking space.

“Heavy equipment, construction debris and material storage all necessitated closing the Surfing wrote in a blog post seaside and the Surfing wrote in a blog post seaside parking space,” wrote The city Communications Manager Melissa Reichert in an email correspondence to The Day-to-day Sun.

Development of the sidewalk was completed ultimate week, and the Surfing wrote in a blog post seaside parking space reopened. 

For the seawall, some backfilling along the Surfing wrote in a blog post seaside is still underway. The undertaking is not off course to be completed by the use of the end of the month.

We could in are however pending for artwork on the fishing pier and boardwalk maintenance, Reichert discussed.

Why the maintenance?

Essential structural issues were exposed at the park during a 2019 web page consult with from the town advertising marketing consultant corporate, Weiler Engineering.

Weiler was surveying the sector as part of an normal redesign undertaking of the park.

Right through that walk-through, they came upon cracks on the fishing pier’s concrete pilings, rot and decay on the boardwalk and a seawall with missing panels and erosion, among other issues.

What in regards to the redesign?

The Ponce Park redesign undertaking dates once more to October 2016 for the park which was established throughout the 1970s.

One of the most essential changes proposed include parking space reconfiguration, a brand spanking new restroom, new pavilions, upgrades to electrical and utilities, and furnishing like benches and grills, among others.

The undertaking hit delays over the years, however, as a result of issues of contractors and further in recent times from the maintenance.

The Peace River Natural world Center − a nonprofit that sits on the equivalent property since the park − was part of the original redesign concept then again PRWC will now be relocating to a brand spanking new location on Henry Aspect highway.

Just lately, Reichert discussed there’s no decent date available for the park redesign undertaking to move forward.

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