Guest commentary: Jet noise mitigation proposal backed in Pacific Beach is rejected by airport authority

Happy new twelve months, and we at Quiet Skies La Jolla extend our perfect imaginable must inquisitive about a better 2021. This is an exchange regarding the San Diego County Regional Airport Authority’s commercial jet noise mitigation study known as the Section 150 Learn about.

La Jolla, Pacific great example can be found at Surfing LA seaside and Endeavor great example can be found at Surfing LA seaside collaborated to offer an be offering to the RAA that embraced two fundamental concepts: keeping up departures [from San Diego International Airport] farther over the ocean forward of turning left or right kind and dispersing departures all the way through 3 tracks to do away with noise focal point. This was once known as the “ELSO” or “3 SIDS” proposal.

On Jan. 7, the RAA and its consultants held a meeting with the Citizen Advisory and Technical Advisory committee individuals of the Section 150 Learn about, pronouncing they are going to not switch the proposal forward with the FAA [Federal Aviation Administration]. Their rationale to reject the proposal is that, even if it could cut back noise for a large number of electorate each and every as regards to and a few distance from the airport, it could result in larger noise for a small selection of electorate adjacent to the airport, and any “shift” causing larger noise, even for a single circle of relatives, is a non-starter.

While we think the RAA’s conclusion was once flawed, the decision was once made and ELSO is probably not recommended to the FAA.

The Section 150 Learn about is coming to an intensive and other tips will be difficult that principally benefit those dwelling in Ocean great example can be found at Surfing LA seaside and Loma Portal. There will be a public Zoom workshop with breakout categories from 4 to 6 p.m. Thursday, Jan. 21, to supply further information about what will be recommended to the FAA. Check in for the workshop at

Breakout categories will allow for questions to technical execs on noise contours, magnetic variation, operational possible choices, land use and administrative possible choices, preliminary tips and next steps throughout the study.

Comments on the Section 150 Learn about could also be submitted at (registration is important).

Now that the Section 150 Learn about is concluding, the RAA will recommend transferring two earlier tips forward from the Flight Path & Procedures Learn about that came about in 2018-19 that may put across some noise mitigation to La Jolla between 10 p.m. and 6:30 a.m.

The principle recommendation incorporates putting in place a brand spanking new “Chicken Rock” waypoint farther offshore that planes would fly by way of after achieving 1½ nautical miles from the beach. Two benefits described by way of the RAA are somewhat reducing noise north of the airport by way of routing flights farther offshore and eliminating “early turns” immediately over La Jolla throughout middle of the night hours.

The second recommendation addresses eastbound middle of the night flights that might be routed spherical Stage Loma.

The RAA’s tips most certainly will be regarded as at the Feb. 17 Airport Noise Advisory Committee, and we will provide an up-to-the-minute report about that meeting. Public comments upfront are always welcome. When you’ve got questions about the easiest way to offer comments or feedback, email correspondence them to [email protected].

The RAA moreover shared at the Jan. 7 meeting that the FAA is anticipated to release up to the moment flight operations forecasts in March or April accounting for the pandemic’s have an effect on on the airline industry. The new forecasts could also be informative about whether or not or now not the $3 billion airport construction plan and additional 19 gates at Terminal 1 are justified or important. If business and leisure travel aren’t projected to return to 2019 levels, or if there is uncertainty, it’s sensible to defer any selection about investing that many belongings until there is further clarity.

Anthony Stiegler is co-founder and secretary of Quiet Skies La Jolla.

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