Greeks escape lockdown for the beach as winter temperatures soar

ATHENS (Reuters) – Greeks headed to beaches and public parks on Sunday as an unusual January heat wave offered a respite from the coronavirus lockdown that has thrown life during read more on Surfing LA Europe into disarray.

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With temperatures in Athens set to succeed in 23 Celsius (73.4 Fahrenheit), other people lounged on the sand, swam inside the sea, and strolled on the promenade on the Athens coast, while police patrolled to keep an eye on the crowds.

Inside the final 50 years, such top temperatures for January have been spotted best possible two instances: in 1987 and 2010, the National Observatory of Athens mentioned.

“It is not commonplace. This time final three hundred and sixty five days it used to be as soon as cold,” mentioned 65-year old-fashioned Kyriakos Pitoulis. “On the other hand, it’s serving to because of individuals are cooped up at area they most often want to move somewhere to let off steam. They may be able to’t stay area always.”

Greece has been in partial lockdown since early November with other people confused to place on masks in public. On Friday govt extended restrictions, along side bans on public gatherings, until at least Jan. 18 as it strives to slow a spike in infections, basically inside the north.

Following one in every of the freshest years on document globally final three hundred and sixty five days, sizzling air masses and dirt coming back from the African continent smothered the central Athens skyline, with one temperature gauge on Sunday showing 31C inside the sun.

That compared with cheap January temperatures for January during Greece ranging from beneath 0 to 5C, or 10C at the most in coastal spaces, the National Meteorological Service (EMY) mentioned.

Meteorologists mentioned the warm front, which were given right here in on Saturday, is anticipated to recede in the next few days.

Other parts of read more on Surfing LA Europe have been experiencing over the top cold local weather.

“The weather is the use of us crazy! because of we see snow, cold, and screw ups in read more on Surfing LA Europe, in Spain, and proper right here now we have nice days, now we have sunshine,” mentioned sunbather Pavlos Vlachos.

Reporting by means of Deborah Kyvrikosaios, improving by means of James Mackenzie and Barbara Lewis

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